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Dubai's Sheikh Zayed road at nightDubai offers a wide array of opportunities from jobs to setting up your own business, from money-spinning export merchandise and import markets to diverse investment prospects, from multi-functional and highly facilitating infrastructure to events full of surprises, and from multiple and a wide range of fun-filled and thrilling activities to breathtaking places. It is an ideal spot for investment, business, work, vacations and to live, thus making the place highly favorable for just everyone and anyone.


Location and Geography:

Dubai is among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and occupies only 5 per cent of the total landmass. However, it has a significant impact in respect to investment both nationally and internationally. It is the second largest emirate of UAE.

Dubai is built in such a way that the Creek divides the south-western area of Bur Dubai which is known as the city’s traditional heart with a magnificent real estate boom from the north-eastern area of Deira, which is a commercial centre comprising of a wide range of hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, activity parks and the Dubai International Airport.


Fame and Fortune:

Dubai is famous for a number of things like international sports events, world-class shopping centers and malls, hotels, mouth-watering cuisines, crystal clear beaches, and worth-watching cultural and historical places. In short, the city is a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture. It is the heart of tourism and mercantilism in the Middle East. One can find the hustle and bustle at anytime whether it is day or night.


Culture and History:

Dubai MuseumDubai is rich in history and culture . One such example, the Dubai Museum is present in the Al-Fahidi fort located in Bur Dubai. The fort exhibits weapons, traditional costumes, musical instruments, Arish (Egyptian) huts and wooden boats. Moreover, it also houses an ancient souq, a Quran school, an oasis and a typical Arabic household. At night, you can find a display of an interesting local wildlife in the desert.

Another cultural place is the Bastakiya District, which was once used for trading and now accommodates old houses with wind towers. The houses are now converted into art galleries. Heritage and Diving Village, which is located next to Sheikh Al-Maktoums’s House in Al-Shingadha features Dubai’s reconstruction of the maritime past. It displays a tented Bedoiun village showcasing weapons, chests, household utensils etc. You can also see folk dance and music performances here. A number of cafeterias and seafood restaurants are also present in the village.

Jumeirah Archaeological site is another worth watching suburb, located to the south of Dubai City. It gives a rich knowledge of the early Islamic period. Large houses built of beach rock and covered with lime plaster have been digged at Jumeirah by a team of archaeologists.



The official language of UAE is Arabic but in Dubai, English is commonly used. Apart from these two, some other languages are also spoken due to a number of expatriates living in Dubai.



The official religion is Islam however, other religions are also being practiced in Dubai.



The government of Dubai has been the main source behind facilitating its people as well as contributing in making Dubai a leading economic hub. The traditional government still plays an important part in maintaining a role in ensuring that people have free access to information, abide by the law and are also safeguarded by the law in return. The government has a number of departments being operated under its supervision such as tax, tourism, education, health, media, entertainment, employment, transportation, housing etc.



Dubai has an advanced and state-of–the-art infrastructure which includes developed roads, streets, bridges and tunnels, free zones, shopping centers, telecommunication system, transportation, electricity and water, urban development etc.



Dubai has an ever-improving economy which keeps on growing tremendously at an increasing pace, giving birth to limitless opportunities for all types of businesses. The currency is Dirham which is secure and is easy to convert therefore there are no restrictions on profit transfer. The import duty is as low as 5 per cent on all goods. Dubai is a tax free haven and implies simply no taxes at all on professionals and expatriate workers.



Dubai is an ideal place for spending holidays, all round the year. The sun, sand, sea, sports, shopping arenas, hotels and restaurants, the traditional culture and a safe environment is all that tourists are always looking forward to, therefore making Dubai an ideal tourism destination.

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and April, when the weather is cool. There are many beaches where you can spend the day on the sand and swim in the crystal clear water. Apart from this you can also enjoy skating, boating, riding, extreme sports, golf, tennis, racquet games etc. Moreover, the shopping centers and malls are very eye catching. You can find designer wear, brand outlets, a variety of ethnic wear shops from many regional countries and etc. Dubai shopping arenas make shop-alcohalics go crazy.

In short, you can find unlimited entertainment options in Dubai. You can also listen to the Oud or Moroccan music, dance and smoke the traditional sheesha in a café. You can feel the essence of the rich cultural mix of Dubai at various restaurants and coffee shops present on every street.

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