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In UAE there are two major service options available, namely Etisilat and Du, each offering all the convenience and support to its customers for their businesses to boost. For the majority of the UAE, Etisalat has a monopoly on business and personal telecommunications services, while Du is a new telephone company and Internet Service Provider.


Etisalat has been the telecommunications service provider in the United Arab Emirates since 1976, providing a wide range of services on its fixed line network, mobile, Cable TV, Internet and other telecom services. It was the region's first operator to launch pioneering services, such as cellular network and ATM services. Penetration of Etisalat's mobile phone service in the UAE has crossed 150 per cent of the population and has now expanded to operate telecom companies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Documents Required for obtaining SIM card of Etisalat:

To obtain a SIM card of Etisalat you need to provide a copy of your passport with a valid visa stamp or a valid visit visa.

Yearly Subscription:

Each year you have to renew your subscription at a cost of AED100.

Local Calls:

30 fils per minute (For the first 60 seconds).
From 61st seconds onwards
15 fils for every 30 seconds (7am–2pm and 4pm–12am)
12 fils for every 30 seconds (2pm-4pm and 12am-7am)

International Calls

International calls are charged at IDD rates.
Incoming Calls:
These are free, unless you are abroad and using International Roaming.
Text Messaging Charges:
Local number 18 fils per message
International number 60 fils per message


Du, a telecommunications company in the in the United Arab Emirates, was originally founded as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) but it was re branded as du in February 2006. It launched its mobile service in 2007, with call tariffs almost identical to that of Etisilat, offering “pay every second” strategy and users pay 0.5 fils for every second.

Yearly Subscription

You have to renew your Du subscription each year at a cost of AED100 and monthly fee is AED 30.

Du charges per second and its price range is given below:

  • national mobile call: 0.5 fils / second
  • national landline call: 0.5 fils / second
  • national SMS: 18 fils / message
  • international SMS: 60 fils / message
  • national MMS: 45 fils / 50kb
  • Other special features of Du mobile service:
  • It gives an opportunity to enjoy attractive rates on any of two international and two national numbers of your choice for a small monthly fee.
  • It offers few minutes for out of credit calls so you can always make that emergency call when you have run out of credit.
  • It’s very latest version of Next Generation Mobile Services such as video calls, video mail, mobile TV and mobile brand. 
  • Extensive international roaming footprint.
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