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Dubai Knowledge Village

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Dubai Knowledge Village
Dubai Knowledge Village
The Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) was inaugurated in the year 2003. Its primary aim is to place the Middle East on the world map as the ultimate place for knowledge attainment. A project of Dubai Holding, Dubai Knowledge Village is located in the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone. The other concerns that are part of the Free Zone are Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

Dubai Knowledge Village is an energetic and well-connected learning hub that was set up to develop Dubai into the ultimate destination for education, for both local and international students. The campus’s setting is created for an assortment of knowledge-based units which include training centers and education support centers. It is a part of a long-term, cost-effective plan to develop the area’s talent pool, and in the future to spur this place into a knowledge-based economy.

The Dubai Knowledge Village offers the infrastructure to develop, share, and apply knowledge. Moreover, it has recently expanded to include the mega-campus of Dubai Knowledge Universities.


• To develop Dubai into the ultimate destination for quality education.
• To help give recognition to the Middle East as a hub of excellence for knowledge and innovation.
• To lead, endorse and aid the use of eLearning in education and training in the Middle East.
• Develop key directives to help connect the talent pool in the region.
• To link and develop the skills and know-how of the industry.

The Dubai Knowledge Village Logo:

The Dubai Knowledge Village Logo signifies a combination of both the past and present, geometry and symmetry. The Arabs were the forerunners of 'Spherical Geometry' i.e. the study of the Earth as a sphere. The ‘sphere’, is the best illustration of balance between geometry and symmetry, this gives Dubai Knowledge Village its strength and harmony. The sphere also stands for knowledge that is an evolving process of invention and understanding and links the different aspects of this learning process.

The creation of a ‘star’ in the Logo represents equal energy in all directions from a mid point, showing the range and reach of Dubai Knowledge Village. The color ‘blue’ represents power, constancy and tradition. Blue is also believed to be an enduring color which can withstand the test of time.


• DKV is created as a one-stop-shop for everyone’s educational and business needs.
• At DKV, the infrastructure is suitable for both business and education.
• The technology-related infrastructure is well-suited and flexible.
• Good eHosting facilities on campus.
• DKV is a community of similar-minded people and establishments and offers a perfect international business milieu.
• Dubai Knowledge Village offers great networking opportunities.
• The location of DKV is conducive to tap talented knowledge workers both locally and globally.
• The rules, laws and regulations are uncomplicated.
• DKV ensures easy and effortless availability of visas.
• It also ensures and allows 100 % foreign ownership, 100 % tax exemption, and a 100% repatriation of resources and profits.
• By operating closely with its affiliate entities, Dubai Knowledge Village offers its associates great opportunity to join forces with the business community, to create a modern and energetic education site.
• The landscape and surroundings blend harmoniously and thus create just the right environment to acquire knowledge.
• Facilitated food court, sports grounds, gym, etc.

Dubai Knowledge Village provides key business, legal and technical services to help their business partners to run their respective businesses effortlessly. The services are aimed at ensuring a contended, hassle-free environment for its partners.

The Dubai Knowledge Village is comprised of international academic institutes, academic services and support providers, professional training centers, management development centers, eLearning service providers, R&D facilities, training and education freelancers, etc. The campus has purpose-built convention centers, business centers and residential accommodation for both employees and students. DKV has in excess of 300 partners which embrace these training centers, professional centers and HR companies.
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