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Dubai Internet Service Providers

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Etisalat and Du are the two best service providers in Dubai to get Internet access for your home. It offers Internet dial-up access, messaging, web hosting, streaming, etc along with directories of UAE sites.


Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, also known as Etisalat (former Emirtel), is the incumbent telecommunications carrier and Internet Service Provider in the United Arab Emirates. Across UAE they provide a wide range of fixed and wireless telecommunication services as well as cable services. They offer all the facilities for businesses to find new markets and everyone to fulfill their potential.

1.Internet Access Options: Internet access ranges from Basic Dial-Up (56 kbps) to Superior (4 mbps).

2.Dial Up: It offers the basic idea of accessing internet to browse net and use email with light facilities.


• Installation Charges: AED 100
• Rental Charges: AED 20/month.
• Usage charges: AED 1.80 per hour & AED 1 for off peak time hours (1 am – 6 am).


AED 200 for installation if you apply for the service at an Etisalat office AED 100 if you apply online.

5.Monthly Charges: It offers different packages according to the requirements of all kind of customers.

• Limited Light User: AED 99/month for 15 hrs.
• Light User: AED 149/ month (256 Kbps).
• Moderate User: AED 189/month (512Kbps).
• Active User: AED 249/month (1Mbps).
• Heavy User: AED 349/month (2Mbps).
• Superior User: AED 499/ month (4Mbps).

6.Modem Price: It offers two different price ranges for different modems.

• Wired Modem: AED 108.
• Wireless Modem: AED 240.


Du is the new, innovative telecom provider in UAE. It offers voice, data, video and content services over fixed and mobile networks. It has also launched mobile telecommunication services in addition to internet and pay TV services. It provides a complete telecoms solution (landline, broadband and TV) for both business and residential purpose.

Documents required to apply for DU services are:

1.Application form signed by sponsor or authorized signatory (The application form should be filled, signed by the authorized signatory) and stamped.
2.UAE nationals: ID (passport, or national ID card)
3.Non-UAE Nationals: passport with residency visa and proof of ownership
4.Proof of premises ownership or tenancy contract
5.Copy of current trade license

Activation/Provision of chosen services:

Du confirms the activation date and time of your selected services within 24 hrs of the submission of your application and payment. Activation of services are completed on a first come, first serve basis within 4 to 5 days of your application.

Telecommunication services available from Du

•Extension to landline
•Fax line
•TV Services

The price range offered by Du for mobile services:

•monthly fee: AED 30
•national mobile call: 0.5 fils / second
•national landline call: 0.5 fils / second
•national SMS: 18 fils / message
•international SMS: 60 fils / message
•national MMS: 45 fils / 50kb

256K/64K high speed unlimited internet access:

Installation Fee: 200 AED
Monthly fee: 149 AED
512Kbps high speed unlimited internet access:

Installation fee: 200 AED
Monthly fee: 189 AED

1 Mbps high speed unlimited internet access:

Installation Fee: 200AED
Monthly Fee: 249AED

For the latest Du fiber-optic technology, you do not even need to buy a modem just plug the computer into the socket, launch your browser and you are on-line. It offers all types of packages for leisure activities and business work without any restriction of hours.

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